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This past (!) year, while finishing up my comps and waiting for Teddy to arrive, I compiled a TO DO list, and here’s how it turned out:

*There are 3 rooms to paint (playroom, bathroom, and guest room)  KINDA DONE.  Managed to paint bathroom.  Then we moved and I ended up painting BOTH boys’ rooms, the living room, hallway, dining room and kitchen.  In four days.  Beat that!

Ok, so I had a little help!

*Teddy’s blanket to finish – Still waiting on four squares.  Almost finished!

*Teddy’s birth announcements to make – DONE.  

*Thank You cards – DONE.  

*Halloween + Thanksgiving cards to create and have on standby.  – Started and never finished.  Alas.

*Christmas cards – DONE.

Jack (3) and Teddy (3 mos)

* Christmas gifts ?!?!?  – Sorta kinda.  Made art trays for the boys, and a monogram letter for Charlotte.  (see here and here)

* Blanket for my friend’s December baby – didn’t happen.  Gonna have to work on that.

* My Etsy shop to update and add to – Right now that bad boy is out of commission.  Boo hiss.

* A matching scarf + hat to knit for Ksmart, who just moved to cold, cold Illinois  : (  – Scarf, DONE.  Hat, not gonna happen.

* Earrings using fabulous Kazuri beads I’ve had for-ev-er.  – Nope.

* Button bracelets to thread and sell.  – Made three, never posted or sold them.  Jack later broke one of them.

* Learning to thread and use super expensive sewing machine that’s been sitting dormant for almost a year.  – Managed to unpack and set up sewing machine.  Threaded it.  Then packed it back up and moved it.  Still in box.  

* Learning to embroider on said sewing machine – MEH.

* Making a new duvet cover for our bed. – I’m just gonna buy one.  Screw that.

* Sewing/creating throw pillows for just about everywhere.  – See above.

And other fun things yet to be determined…  Does moving count?  Cause we did that.  
So I managed to get four projects completely finished.  I suppose that’s not too bad, considering everything else that’s happened during that time!