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Bones marathon (on Netflix) and four hours later I’d finished the blanket tub I started earlier this summer. ┬áDecided against that horrid wallpaper after discovering an old box of maps I’d tucked away in a closet at my mom’s house.


Totally got sucked into High School Musical this evening. Keats watched for about 20 minutes before he asked, “Is this HSM?” Our life these days consists of Phineas and Ferb, Hannah Montana, and The Wizards of Waverly Place. I’m actually upset that Hannah Montana won’t be continuing next season! ‘Tis sad, I know.

WE FOUND A NEW HOUSE! It’s on a perfectly shaded street, near a fabulous day care, and it has a backyard that stretches for days. Keats is itching to get his hands on a spreader to sow some fescue, while I can’t wait to play in the dirt. I can’t stop thinking about which type of flowers should go where. Should I plant wildflowers or stick to bed-ready plants? What about morning glories along the deck? Maybe marigolds in the front? It goes on and on and on! For the last two years, we’ve shared a strip of grass with our neighbors. Our dog couldn’t poop and the monster couldn’t roam. Now we’ll have space for a sandbox and a swing set – woohoo! YAY new house!
Come May we will have four roomy bedrooms to stretch out in – which gives us a guest room and an office, finally! There is also a sunroom, ripe and ready for plants and crafts and reading. The monster can play ’til his hearts content. I can’t wait to move, although the thought of the act of moving makes me dread every moment. I choose to focus on the positive: a new deck!

Magnet making is progressing through trial and error. ModPodge isn’t a sufficient bond, and E6000 has petroleum, which ruins the paper. I can’t find Diamond Glaze in the stores around here, which is suggested, although some other people seem to have used Elmer’s Silicon glue with good results. I’ve made some button magnets, and a cool new set of numbers for the monster. I’ll come back and post pictures once I’ve uploaded them.
The whole thing is rather addictive, as I can’t seem to stop buying paper or searching for those damn marbles WITHOUT iridescence. Buying supplies on etsy.com is useful, but not financially viable for bulk purchases. I keep thinking I’m going to give these bad boys out or sell them at a craft show, but most of the fun is in the crafting. Maybe I’ll become Crazy Magnet Lady, trying to entice little children into my house to display their artwork!
Even tonight, while shopping for the monster’s Easter basket, I couldn’t stop myself from picking up a set of button makers so I could make fabric covered magnets. Seriously, somebody stop me!