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You *could* go to Babies-R-Us and spend anywhere from $10 – $15 on any of the following monogram letters for your child’s room:




Or, you can pick up a $3 letter at Michaels and DIY.  ;0)


As always, I go to Michaels for one thing and end up with 1,000 things I didn’t plan to purchase.  Darn you, Michaels!

But this last trip was a goody.  Although I couldn’t find the glass painting materials I wanted (Pebeo paint), I left with three Christmas present projects and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I started with three art trays/lap boards (whatever you want to call them).  $5 each.

Add Sharpie paint pens – wayyyy better than both Sanford and Elmer’s.

And voila!  Three gifts in under an hour.

my first ever attempt at drawing a racecar

racecar detail

Teddy's dinosaur

dinosaur detail

Charlotte's monogram

Monogram detail

I was pretty pleased with how they all turned out, with the exception of the monogrammed C I did for lil’ Charlotte.  This was the first tray I did, and when I started I didn’t have a clear picture of exactly what it was that I was going to do.  So the end result is an off-centered hodgepodge, but overall it works ok.  Charlotte’s mom was happy and that’s all that matters!

On Christmas morning, Jack knew exactly which art tray belonged to him, even without being able to read.  “Mine is the RACECAR!”  Gotta love it!

The adventures of the domestic goddess continue, aided in part to my newfound devotion to Pinterest.  I tell you, I’m obsessed.  OBSESSED!

So far, I’ve recreated:

Broccoli Cheese Bites So yummy!  My cousins came over for dinner and everyone just snapped these bad boys up.  I wasn’t sure what parchment paper was (Hey – I’m new at this!), so I used wax paper.  I also failed to flip them halfway through, so either that or my use of wax paper (or both) made it a bit difficult to pull these off the sheet once they were ready.  However, we still gobbled up the crumbly goodness.

BBQ Chicken in the Crock Pot   This one was super easy, since you can use frozen chicken breasts.  However, I would recommend scooping up some sauce when serving the chicken.  The chicken breasts I used were really large and so some bites were dry until we went back for extra sauce.

Pesto Chicken Stuffed Shells  I made this one tonight and the husband absolutely loved it.  It is freaking tasty!  A definite favorite so far!

This morning, I tried to make Nutella Stuffed french toast, but alas, I had no heavy cream.  Instead, I used this easy peanut butter and banana stuffed french toast recipe and added Nutella to one side of the sandwich.  The result was heavenly, but also deliciously deadly!  This is a once-in-a-long-while kind of breakfast.    Even thinking about it makes my mouth water!

These few successes have definitely kept me interested in learning more about parchment paper and all these strange goings-on that other people can do in their kitchen!

Now that the dreaded comprehensive exams are over, I’ve been trying to focus on the bug both to give him some much needed mama-time and to quell my guilt over having neglected him for the past few months – bad mommy!

He is slated to start soccer in less than 2 weeks, and he couldn’t be more thrilled.  Daddy is going to help coach his team, the Bambinos!  I’m sure with a gaggle of 3-4 year olds, games are going to be little more than a melee, but it will be fabulously cute to watch.  I can’t wait.

We’ve also just returned from our last beach trip of the year, which was cut short thanks to Hurricane Irene.  But we did get two full days and tons of fun out of our trip.  The bug got along splendidly with his little red-headed housemates, and he really enjoyed the water this go-round.  While he wasn’t brave enough to go “in” all the way, he loved loved loved playing in the surf and even wading into the waves a bit.


In the afternoons, we could barely pull him out of the pool, where he loved making “water webs” as ‘Pider MAN!  I was actually quite surprised that he took to the pool as well as he did, since our little bug isn’t typically a fan of deep water.

Once we returned home, I was determined to make good on some of my Pinterest pins.  This one kick-started the fun:

I picked up some glowsticks from Michaels (15 bracelets for a $1) and loaded the tub down with bubbles and bracelets.  Energizer has a new glow-stick that I purchased at Lowe’s on a whim, and that substituted for the Cloud b turtle I had yet to buy.  (Not one to resist, it should be here tomorrow from Amazon.  GOD I love Amazon.)  Although we didn’t take pictures, the bug had a splendid time!  One of his new “faborites” is making shadows with flashlights, so he was all for some glow-in-the-dark fun!

Next up was our painting adventure.  For his birthday this summer, Grandma bought him lots of paint and paintbrushes.  While I could’ve killed her (gently), I thought it wasn’t such a bad time to break out the paints and get messy.  So yesterday, we pulled out the easel and paints and went to town.

I also made a squishy bag from the same super helpful blog, Play at Home Mom.  Big time Walmart provided all the goodies for a little over $10 – gel, glitter, and gallon-sized ziplock bags.  I already had the food coloring on hand to make the bag red, another of the bug’s “faborites”.  For added security, I used glue to seal the bag against any accidents.

While the introduction to the bag got a big reaction – “WHOA, THAT’S COOL!” – he hasn’t been such a fan of playing with it thus far.  However, this seems to be something we can keep on hand for the next few weeks and keep introducing to see where it goes.

His daddy, on the other hand, has loved playing with it.  I keep finding the bag in different shapes and with different designs pressed into the gel.  Silly boys…



In a few days (countdown:  T-9), the agonizing experience of comprehensive exams will be over.  It’s not so much that this exercise is terribly difficult – I mean, I know the stuff – but the worst of it is that I have to produce something under a deadline.  Well, two somethings – 2 25 page papers.  And, if you know me at all, you know that I don’t make deadlines.  Not ever.  Never.  Like, the idea that I will have to submit this stuff at 5 o’clock next Wednesday scares the pee out of me (not that that’s a stretch with this baby pressing on my bladder, but still!).

I’m anti-deadlines.  I think they are great for everyone else, but I have the worst time hitting one.  Seriously, I cannot think of a time that I turned a paper in either a) ahead of schedule (who does that?!?) or b) by the due date/time.  I am the queen of extensions, incompletes, and begging on my knees.  So needless to say, it’s the deadline that is freaking me out.

In order to quell my anxieties – no Xanax for the preggie lady! – I’ve turned to daydreaming about all of the fabulous crafting that I will be able to do in just a few days.  Because, you see, this is the first time that I will turn something in on time, and thus, it is the first time that I will not have a project hanging over my head.  Yay me!

No nagging papers to write.
No papers to grade.

Effective Wednesday, August 17 at 5 pm, I have nothing to do but cook this little bean in my belly.  I’m not going to be teaching, taking classes, or managing projects this semester.  I’ll have a little housekeeping to do with my assistantship, a small talking paper to write for an upcoming conference, and fieldwork – but other than that, let the nesting begin!

My plans keep growing and growing and growing, so I’ve started making a list.  Yes, a list – a very long list – of all the fun and super fabulous things I want to do and make during my rare down time.

There are 3 rooms to paint (playroom, bathroom, and guest room)
Teddy’s blanket to finish
Teddy’s birth announcements to make
Thank You cards
Halloween + Thanksgiving cards to create and have on standby
Christmas cards
Christmas gifts ?!?!?
Blanket for my friend’s December baby
My Etsy shop to update and add to
A matching scarf + hat to knit for Ksmart, who just moved to cold, cold Illinois  : (
Earrings using fabulous Kazuri beads I’ve had for-ev-er
Button bracelets to thread and sell
Learning to thread and use super expensive sewing machine that’s been sitting dormant for almost a year
Learning to embroider on said sewing machine
Making a new duvet cover for our bed (I’m thinking red?!)
Sewing/creating throw pillows for just about everywhere
And other fun things yet to be determined…

I’m so pumped!  Just nine more days.

Nine more days.  Holy crapnuggets.

(&)(@#*&$)(!!  I need to get writing.

As per usual, school starts and I disappear for the semester under mounds of paper with my nose buried in a book.  Odd objects and dirty clothes start piling up in my house.  My hair and my relationships both start to smell a little a bit.  Then, a brief reprieve:  BREAK!  Days and weeks of having *nothing* to do and nowhere to go.  Glorious, glorious freedom.

After a maddening semester, the winter holiday break was especially good to me (and my crafting soul).  I was able to create a number of Christmas gifts for friends and family while also crafting just to make myself happy!

This holiday, though, had several low low moments for myself, my friends, and my family.  The day before Thanksgiving, my neighbors lost their young son to an untimely accident.  Any death is tragic, but I believe that the deaths of young kids are especially so.  My mom and I witnessed the gorgeous tribute to Andrew’s life a few days following his death.

Then, in December, with the anniversary of my beloved grandmother’s death fresh on my mind, my best friend lost her outrageously fabulous father.  Growing up, Catbird was always so kind to me.  One of the best things anyone has ever said to me came from him.  In eighth grade, standing alongside some of my girlfriends dressed and ready to go to a dance, I was feeling inadequate and outside the group of girls that I was with.  Somehow, I never felt like I fit in – like I was never good enough, like I was never dressed right, like I stood out.  Catbird looked at me standing with those other girls and said to me, “You are the prettiest one there.”  Now I don’t put much stock on beauty, but that was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment.  My heart soared, and I was tickled that he had shared that with me.  I never even told anyone.

My best friend is just beside herself with his loss, and who can blame her?  I only hope to be strong enough to help her through this.  Our friendship is old and strong, and one that I am thankful for.  She will make it through this to the other side.  And as my grandmother always said, “This, too, shall pass.”

My friend finished her nursery and it looks soooo good.  She sent pics of Charlotte’s banner after it was hung: