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This past (!) year, while finishing up my comps and waiting for Teddy to arrive, I compiled a TO DO list, and here’s how it turned out:

*There are 3 rooms to paint (playroom, bathroom, and guest room)  KINDA DONE.  Managed to paint bathroom.  Then we moved and I ended up painting BOTH boys’ rooms, the living room, hallway, dining room and kitchen.  In four days.  Beat that!

Ok, so I had a little help!

*Teddy’s blanket to finish – Still waiting on four squares.  Almost finished!

*Teddy’s birth announcements to make – DONE.  

*Thank You cards – DONE.  

*Halloween + Thanksgiving cards to create and have on standby.  – Started and never finished.  Alas.

*Christmas cards – DONE.

Jack (3) and Teddy (3 mos)

* Christmas gifts ?!?!?  – Sorta kinda.  Made art trays for the boys, and a monogram letter for Charlotte.  (see here and here)

* Blanket for my friend’s December baby – didn’t happen.  Gonna have to work on that.

* My Etsy shop to update and add to – Right now that bad boy is out of commission.  Boo hiss.

* A matching scarf + hat to knit for Ksmart, who just moved to cold, cold Illinois  : (  – Scarf, DONE.  Hat, not gonna happen.

* Earrings using fabulous Kazuri beads I’ve had for-ev-er.  – Nope.

* Button bracelets to thread and sell.  – Made three, never posted or sold them.  Jack later broke one of them.

* Learning to thread and use super expensive sewing machine that’s been sitting dormant for almost a year.  – Managed to unpack and set up sewing machine.  Threaded it.  Then packed it back up and moved it.  Still in box.  

* Learning to embroider on said sewing machine – MEH.

* Making a new duvet cover for our bed. – I’m just gonna buy one.  Screw that.

* Sewing/creating throw pillows for just about everywhere.  – See above.

And other fun things yet to be determined…  Does moving count?  Cause we did that.  
So I managed to get four projects completely finished.  I suppose that’s not too bad, considering everything else that’s happened during that time!


For months now, I’ve been on the market for a new desk lamp.  My old halogen lamp still works, but it puts off way too much heat for this pregnant mama to sit at her desk for too long.  I wanted something bright and attractive, but I didn’t want to put too much $$ into it.  Most of the lamps that I found that I liked were $30 or more, and I just couldn’t justify the expense.

Enter Target, stage left.

During their back-to-school stock-up sale, they had these lamps for roughly $10 or so.

Add a little etsy magic…

And VOILA!  A fabulously tacky lamp that makes me ridiculously happy!

As if I don’t spend enough time on Etsy, browsing things I want to buy and things I want to make, now I’ve stumbled onto Pinterest.  My only experience with Pinterest prior to this was on FB, where one of my friends posted links to all of the 539 things she found that she liked on the internet.  (Reason #45 I’m happy I’m not on FB anymore!)  Excessively annoying people aside, I submitted my invitation request.

But so I’ve found all these fun Pinterest pages that people have created surrounding DIY ideas and other crafty things to do.  I’m not very skilled at searching blogs for ideas – even though I know there are plenty of blogs written by SAHM moms that will just blow your mind (like this one) – and so Pinterest is fabulous because you can let other people do the searching for you!

Here are two new projects I’ve added to my to-do list:

I cannot WAIT to turn these comps in and get started crafting!

The cutlery drawer is especially suited for me because I have gobs of old maps and designer papers that I can use to paste as a backdrop, plus I already have all the ModPodge that I’d need to get started.  Maybe a new item for my Etsy shop?  Maybe!

And I’ve been eyeing these initial pillows for some time now.  Seems simple enough, and it gives me incentive to use this darn sewing machine I’ve had for-ev-er!

Hopefully, updates to come soon!

In a few days (countdown:  T-9), the agonizing experience of comprehensive exams will be over.  It’s not so much that this exercise is terribly difficult – I mean, I know the stuff – but the worst of it is that I have to produce something under a deadline.  Well, two somethings – 2 25 page papers.  And, if you know me at all, you know that I don’t make deadlines.  Not ever.  Never.  Like, the idea that I will have to submit this stuff at 5 o’clock next Wednesday scares the pee out of me (not that that’s a stretch with this baby pressing on my bladder, but still!).

I’m anti-deadlines.  I think they are great for everyone else, but I have the worst time hitting one.  Seriously, I cannot think of a time that I turned a paper in either a) ahead of schedule (who does that?!?) or b) by the due date/time.  I am the queen of extensions, incompletes, and begging on my knees.  So needless to say, it’s the deadline that is freaking me out.

In order to quell my anxieties – no Xanax for the preggie lady! – I’ve turned to daydreaming about all of the fabulous crafting that I will be able to do in just a few days.  Because, you see, this is the first time that I will turn something in on time, and thus, it is the first time that I will not have a project hanging over my head.  Yay me!

No nagging papers to write.
No papers to grade.

Effective Wednesday, August 17 at 5 pm, I have nothing to do but cook this little bean in my belly.  I’m not going to be teaching, taking classes, or managing projects this semester.  I’ll have a little housekeeping to do with my assistantship, a small talking paper to write for an upcoming conference, and fieldwork – but other than that, let the nesting begin!

My plans keep growing and growing and growing, so I’ve started making a list.  Yes, a list – a very long list – of all the fun and super fabulous things I want to do and make during my rare down time.

There are 3 rooms to paint (playroom, bathroom, and guest room)
Teddy’s blanket to finish
Teddy’s birth announcements to make
Thank You cards
Halloween + Thanksgiving cards to create and have on standby
Christmas cards
Christmas gifts ?!?!?
Blanket for my friend’s December baby
My Etsy shop to update and add to
A matching scarf + hat to knit for Ksmart, who just moved to cold, cold Illinois  : (
Earrings using fabulous Kazuri beads I’ve had for-ev-er
Button bracelets to thread and sell
Learning to thread and use super expensive sewing machine that’s been sitting dormant for almost a year
Learning to embroider on said sewing machine
Making a new duvet cover for our bed (I’m thinking red?!)
Sewing/creating throw pillows for just about everywhere
And other fun things yet to be determined…

I’m so pumped!  Just nine more days.

Nine more days.  Holy crapnuggets.

(&)(@#*&$)(!!  I need to get writing.

Keats + I had decided to settle in for ‘movie night’ this past week.  We started with Boon Dock Saints II and HATED it! – we totally quit after the first 20 minutes.  I was pretty bummed bc the first one is one of my favorites.  Then K put on In the Line of Fire, which was a total snore fest for me.  Clint Eastwood just doesn’t interest me at all.  He’s kinda like David Caruso for me – melodramatic with tons of snappy, campy one-liners.  UGH.

But I did get to work on tons of magnets – almost 200!  Here are some of the results:

Colored Dots

Flower Frenzy

Orange Polka Dots

Blue Polka Dots

Retro Starbursts

Circus Circus

Flower Spots

Orange + Gray

This last (Orange + Gray) is probably my favorite.  On one of my trips to Michaels, I found this brand new bunch of loose-leaf DSP and snapped it up.  I made close to 100 just from these papers alone.

You gotta be kidding me, right?  My husband and I were in Michael’s today, and I found a Martha Stewart kit for pom-poms.  The price?  $20.  The amount of poms?  7.  Yeah, that’s right – SEVEN!  I’m no math whiz, but that equals more than 2 dollars a pom-pom.  RIDICULOUS!

When trolling for decorating ideas for the bug’s birthday party, I came across a TON of great blogs: here, here and here.  A lot of these people were decorating with pom-poms, and recommended this site on Etsy.  Figuring that I could order a quick few for the party, I checked them out.  But at $5 a pom, that was a bit out of my price range.  Geez louise!  But apparently that was the going rate for these bad boys.

I found a super tutorial on Design Dazzle, and headed to Wal-Mart to check out their tissue paper selection.  $1.00 per pack of 9 sheets.  The DD tutorial recommends 10 sheets, but I figured -1 wouldn’t hurt.  And it didn’t – I think the poms turned out fine!  Eight poms for a smooth $8.  Saving money?  CHECK.