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This past (!) year, while finishing up my comps and waiting for Teddy to arrive, I compiled a TO DO list, and here’s how it turned out:

*There are 3 rooms to paint (playroom, bathroom, and guest room)  KINDA DONE.  Managed to paint bathroom.  Then we moved and I ended up painting BOTH boys’ rooms, the living room, hallway, dining room and kitchen.  In four days.  Beat that!

Ok, so I had a little help!

*Teddy’s blanket to finish – Still waiting on four squares.  Almost finished!

*Teddy’s birth announcements to make – DONE.  

*Thank You cards – DONE.  

*Halloween + Thanksgiving cards to create and have on standby.  – Started and never finished.  Alas.

*Christmas cards – DONE.

Jack (3) and Teddy (3 mos)

* Christmas gifts ?!?!?  – Sorta kinda.  Made art trays for the boys, and a monogram letter for Charlotte.  (see here and here)

* Blanket for my friend’s December baby – didn’t happen.  Gonna have to work on that.

* My Etsy shop to update and add to – Right now that bad boy is out of commission.  Boo hiss.

* A matching scarf + hat to knit for Ksmart, who just moved to cold, cold Illinois  : (  – Scarf, DONE.  Hat, not gonna happen.

* Earrings using fabulous Kazuri beads I’ve had for-ev-er.  – Nope.

* Button bracelets to thread and sell.  – Made three, never posted or sold them.  Jack later broke one of them.

* Learning to thread and use super expensive sewing machine that’s been sitting dormant for almost a year.  – Managed to unpack and set up sewing machine.  Threaded it.  Then packed it back up and moved it.  Still in box.  

* Learning to embroider on said sewing machine – MEH.

* Making a new duvet cover for our bed. – I’m just gonna buy one.  Screw that.

* Sewing/creating throw pillows for just about everywhere.  – See above.

And other fun things yet to be determined…  Does moving count?  Cause we did that.  
So I managed to get four projects completely finished.  I suppose that’s not too bad, considering everything else that’s happened during that time!


You *could* go to Babies-R-Us and spend anywhere from $10 – $15 on any of the following monogram letters for your child’s room:




Or, you can pick up a $3 letter at Michaels and DIY.  ;0)

As always, I go to Michaels for one thing and end up with 1,000 things I didn’t plan to purchase.  Darn you, Michaels!

But this last trip was a goody.  Although I couldn’t find the glass painting materials I wanted (Pebeo paint), I left with three Christmas present projects and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I started with three art trays/lap boards (whatever you want to call them).  $5 each.

Add Sharpie paint pens – wayyyy better than both Sanford and Elmer’s.

And voila!  Three gifts in under an hour.

my first ever attempt at drawing a racecar

racecar detail

Teddy's dinosaur

dinosaur detail

Charlotte's monogram

Monogram detail

I was pretty pleased with how they all turned out, with the exception of the monogrammed C I did for lil’ Charlotte.  This was the first tray I did, and when I started I didn’t have a clear picture of exactly what it was that I was going to do.  So the end result is an off-centered hodgepodge, but overall it works ok.  Charlotte’s mom was happy and that’s all that matters!

On Christmas morning, Jack knew exactly which art tray belonged to him, even without being able to read.  “Mine is the RACECAR!”  Gotta love it!

Inspired by all the homemade mobiles that keep popping up on Pinterest (here, here, and here), I decided to give this project a go.  Mine is by no means as elaborate as these, but I think I did all right with my spur of the moment mobile.  Plus I didn’t have to go out and buy anything.  BONUS!

Needed:  embroidery hoop, fishing line, a 2″ punch, colored paper, paint (for the hoop), keyring, glue-stick and tape.    It took me just a little over an hour and I was rather happy with how it turned out.

I have jumped whole-heartedly into fall.  My favorite season.  If the husband would let me, I’d be baking nothing but pumpkin-spiced or flavored goodies.  How awesome do these treats look?!

cream cheese pumpkin bread

But alas, he is a definite no-go on pumpkin flavors.  So, in lieu of baking, I’ve filled the house with apple cinnamon scented candles and potpourri (thank you Glade) and gone on a decorating binge.  The fall flag has been hung, the pumpkins have been selected from the patch, the table set and the wreath made.

I was really pleased with how the wreath came out.  It’s the first one I’ve done in a long time.  With all the fall stuff that’s marked down at Michaels, plus a smooth 40% off, I think I spent *maybe* $15 on this wreath.  Some time ago, one of my friend’s mom gave me her old Bowdabra, which is surprisingly super easy to use.  My mom wants me to make her some bows for Christmas.(Inspiration for wreath found here.)

For the centerpiece, I simply collected pinecones from the yard and sprayed them with gold glitter.  The glitter doesn’t show up well in the pictures, but it adds a nice touch to the table.  I still feel like the whole thing needs *something* though.

Picking out the pumpkins was by far the best part.  We visited a local farm, Phillips Farms, and had a great time of corn + pumpkin filled fun.  By the end of the day, I was family-funned out!  My parents were here and even little Teddy came along.  Who says newborns can’t have fun?

I needed art for the boys room, but couldn’t find anything that I liked (and could afford).  While cleaning out an upstairs closet, I came across several blank canvases a friend had donated some time ago.  One quick trip to Michaels and my art problem was solved!

What I like most about these pictures (aside from the fact that all three cost me less than $10) is that they match these really cute name plates I found at a craft show this past summer.  Well, except that the plane on these is way cooler than my third-grade style green jet!

Now that the dreaded comprehensive exams are over, I’ve been trying to focus on the bug both to give him some much needed mama-time and to quell my guilt over having neglected him for the past few months – bad mommy!

He is slated to start soccer in less than 2 weeks, and he couldn’t be more thrilled.  Daddy is going to help coach his team, the Bambinos!  I’m sure with a gaggle of 3-4 year olds, games are going to be little more than a melee, but it will be fabulously cute to watch.  I can’t wait.

We’ve also just returned from our last beach trip of the year, which was cut short thanks to Hurricane Irene.  But we did get two full days and tons of fun out of our trip.  The bug got along splendidly with his little red-headed housemates, and he really enjoyed the water this go-round.  While he wasn’t brave enough to go “in” all the way, he loved loved loved playing in the surf and even wading into the waves a bit.


In the afternoons, we could barely pull him out of the pool, where he loved making “water webs” as ‘Pider MAN!  I was actually quite surprised that he took to the pool as well as he did, since our little bug isn’t typically a fan of deep water.

Once we returned home, I was determined to make good on some of my Pinterest pins.  This one kick-started the fun:

I picked up some glowsticks from Michaels (15 bracelets for a $1) and loaded the tub down with bubbles and bracelets.  Energizer has a new glow-stick that I purchased at Lowe’s on a whim, and that substituted for the Cloud b turtle I had yet to buy.  (Not one to resist, it should be here tomorrow from Amazon.  GOD I love Amazon.)  Although we didn’t take pictures, the bug had a splendid time!  One of his new “faborites” is making shadows with flashlights, so he was all for some glow-in-the-dark fun!

Next up was our painting adventure.  For his birthday this summer, Grandma bought him lots of paint and paintbrushes.  While I could’ve killed her (gently), I thought it wasn’t such a bad time to break out the paints and get messy.  So yesterday, we pulled out the easel and paints and went to town.

I also made a squishy bag from the same super helpful blog, Play at Home Mom.  Big time Walmart provided all the goodies for a little over $10 – gel, glitter, and gallon-sized ziplock bags.  I already had the food coloring on hand to make the bag red, another of the bug’s “faborites”.  For added security, I used glue to seal the bag against any accidents.

While the introduction to the bag got a big reaction – “WHOA, THAT’S COOL!” – he hasn’t been such a fan of playing with it thus far.  However, this seems to be something we can keep on hand for the next few weeks and keep introducing to see where it goes.

His daddy, on the other hand, has loved playing with it.  I keep finding the bag in different shapes and with different designs pressed into the gel.  Silly boys…