Wrinkles by Amy Rae

About Wrinkles

Frances Harris passed away in December 2009, but before she died, she loved strongly and fiercely.  Full of opinions, she would tell me exactly what she thought about every aspect of my life.  Tiresome, yes, but helpful always.  When she learned that I would eventually try to publish my academic work, she decided I needed a pen name.  Thus, Amy Rae was born.  It’s a combination of my first name and my mother’s middle name.

While I won’t be needing a pseudonym in the academic arena, I would need a name for my craft projects.  I thought about using ‘Amy Rae Designs’ or ‘Amy Rae Creations’, but those options were booor-ring.  I thought back about my grandma, and what I loved most about her – her voice, her practice of calling me all.the.time, her humor.  But mostly I thought about the advice that she so freely dispensed, advice that I now miss and need so often.

"...it carries in its bosom all of the energies of the past, yet is itself an exhilaration of the morning..."

Wrinkles are what some women hate when they look in the mirror, but for me, wrinkles are a mark of where I’ve been, what has made me smile, what has caused me to frown.  Wrinkles are the remnants of life’s lessons, the paths we’ve walked, the days and moments we’ve celebrated.  But wrinkles are also bits of advice and information.

Wrinkles by Amy Rae.  This is a blog about my love of crafting, my mistakes and my successes.  This is a blog written by someone who has been loved strongly and fiercely, someone who remembers the past and embraces the future, and someone who misses the wrinkles on the face she loved so dearly.


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