Wrinkles by Amy Rae

Movies + Magnets

Posted on: August 10, 2010

Keats + I had decided to settle in for ‘movie night’ this past week.  We started with Boon Dock Saints II and HATED it! – we totally quit after the first 20 minutes.  I was pretty bummed bc the first one is one of my favorites.  Then K put on In the Line of Fire, which was a total snore fest for me.  Clint Eastwood just doesn’t interest me at all.  He’s kinda like David Caruso for me – melodramatic with tons of snappy, campy one-liners.  UGH.

But I did get to work on tons of magnets – almost 200!  Here are some of the results:

Colored Dots

Flower Frenzy

Orange Polka Dots

Blue Polka Dots

Retro Starbursts

Circus Circus

Flower Spots

Orange + Gray

This last (Orange + Gray) is probably my favorite.  On one of my trips to Michaels, I found this brand new bunch of loose-leaf DSP and snapped it up.  I made close to 100 just from these papers alone.


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