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M+M cake

Posted on: July 26, 2010

Birthday cake for the bug.  The second cake I’ve ever made in my life (first was for my mommagoose).  Cased it from Parents Magazine online.  One thing I didn’t like was that Parents didn’t tell you how to make the cake.  Here is the original:

It was REALLY easy and a bunch of fun – but watch out – having all those loose M+Ms at your fingertips can be deadly!

What I learned (a simple how-to):

1)  I picked up 3 different bags of M+Ms at the store:  Minis, Regular, and Peanut.  Came home and sorted all the colors out, adding red to red, blue to blue, etc.  Since the party theme was red, blue, green, and yellow, I removed all of the orange and brown ones.

2)  Baked the cake according to box directions (picked Funfetti since it matched the outside).  Let cake cool.

3)  Iced the cake.  UGH.  This was a little harder for me, since I’d never made a two-tier cake before – I’ve just seen my mom do it.  Yes, I know my domestic goddess skills are lacking.

I used 2 8×8 square pans for the cake shape, but the tops were rounded due to the rising in the oven.  Since I wasn’t           about to get out a piece of filament to slice off the top – I’m no Cake Boss, that’s for sure!  – I just plopped the two   together and iced the crap out of the gaps on the sides.  Used a tub + a half to get the job done.  (Quick note – found         coupons on the side of one of the flavors of icing, and pulled those off to add to my own tubs.  Saved $0.50!)

4) Started M+Ming on one end (with blue) and then worked my way up and over.  Originally, I’d wanted to do gaps, like the picture, but decided to fill them in after a while.  Tip:  Start from the bottom of the cake and work your way over the      top.  It was way easier once I figured that out.

5) DON’T REFRIGERATE!  I made the cake the day before (Friday) and cooled it overnight so it didn’t melt.  But when I pulled the cake out and let it reach room temperature, the condensation from the fridge made the M+Ms look cloudy       and dulled their candy coating, which made them look not so bright.  Boo!

Happy baking!


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