Wrinkles by Amy Rae

Magnet Mania

Posted on: July 18, 2010

Quick dump of some of the magnets I’ve been churning out:

Flower Buttons


MME - Assorted

Tea Party - Green

MME - Floral

Rockin' Radio

Coquina Beach

The lighting on the first few pics was kinda crappy, but you get the idea.  Details:  MME is short for My Mind’s Eye, a glitter book of dsp (designer series paper) I picked up from Michaels.  The Tea Party set was made from SU dsp (Tea Party, obviously), and the Rockin’ Radio was some random paper I got from somewhere on Etsy  (the paper reminded me of 50s era drive-ins, hence the name).

After much trial and error with a suitable adhesive, I finally broke down and drove over to Ornamentea, the only shop around here that sells Diamond Glaze.  Thirty miles away!  But it was worth it, for sure – that stuff is like gold!  I’ve been whipping through making these magnets like crazy.  DG is fast drying and erases any imperfections from the bottom of the gems.  Plus, it’s essentially mess-free, since you only need a small dab to make magnet magic.

I was having trouble with other adhesives:  Mod Podge (my first attempt, and it def showed my “newb-ness” – didn’t hold gem or magnet AT ALL); E-600 (terrific strength, but petroleum based me thinks, because it ruined all of the paper I used with this); Aleene’s Glass and Bead (ok for the gem but terrible for the magnet); and Aleene’s clear Tacky Glue (psshaw! – another joke – but terrific for my paper projects – yay!).

Another good thing about DG is that it also works as a glossy finish.  I used it for the tops of the shells I found at Coquina Beach, NC – my family’s favorite beach spot.  It cleaned up the worn finish of the shells, and I think it made colors pop.  I wasn’t sure about making these shells into magnets, though – what do you think?

Here’s a shot of my mommagoose and the bug at Coquina Beach during our last trip.  Those two are a trip – they had such a good time feeding the seagulls and palling around.

Grammy + the Bug


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