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Home Improvements

Posted on: July 18, 2010

When we moved into our new place, I finally was able to have a craft room.  I started in the sunroom, but that didn’t work (too much light would bleach my paper products).  Then it was upstairs to the guest room, where I happily spent a few months toiling away.  But the hubby was “too hot” in our joint office, so I moved my craft table into the bigger room that was The Office (so officious), which allowed him to move into the cooler guest room.

The good news is that now I have a room that is mine-all-mine, with both my office and my craft stuff.  The room is about 15×20 – which is more than enough room to spread out in.  This is my little slice of heaven:

What was causing the heat in The Office was this pesky sunlight we had, which brought in direct sun all day long, heating up our little office.  Once I moved in, I decided to do something about it:

I took an old shower curtain, sliced it up, and made a curtain for the sunlight – all without sewing a stitch!  Using some old hem tape I’ve had forever, I simply measured, cut, ironed, and voila!  I found some tension rods @ Walmart (for $2.97 – yeah!) to hold the curtain in place.  The sheer curtain allows the light to stream in, without all of the unpleasant heat.

My other ‘fix-it’ has been working on this blanket tub I found while yard-saleing a few weeks ago.  For a smooth $10, I picked up this awesome storage bin that could hold all the throws and blankets we have floating around the living room.  Only problem?  Its condition!

To that end, I decided to recover the bad parts, using Mod Podge and a roll of old wall paper I picked up from here for a smooth $2.50.  This is where we stand so far:

I’ll post pictures when I’m finished!  I’m so pumped about how it’s gonna look!

My final home improvement of late has been our hallway and bathroom door.  The hallway was in desperate need of some new paint – that took me about 2 full days to cut out the room, paint, and redo all of the trim + doors.  I thought I was finished, but whenever we had guests over, they were constantly walking into one of the two bedrooms in search of the bathroom.  This would not do at night when the bug is asleep!  I broke out the handy Cricut.  One small piece of adhesive later, problem solved!


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