Wrinkles by Amy Rae

Stampin’ Up! and Life

Posted on: April 21, 2010

I’m so pumped:  my SU order came in today!  I ordered the jumbo wheel set “Neighborhood” so I can make cards for our new house.  And this coming Friday, I’m meeting a woman in a nearby town to look over her stamp collection.  She’s selling most of her SU sets for $4-7 – which is a STEAL!

Getting all this stuff together is expensive, and we are feeling the crunch now more than ever since my craft hobby is colliding with our move, the bug’s new daycare, and our trip to ATL for a friend’s wedding.  Cash on hand is tight!  Too help fund my craft-mania, I have stopped smoking, started clipping coupons, and resorted to selling my skateboard and other non-necessities.  (Anyone want an old iPod?!)

So far, the coupon clipping is working —> I’ve saved almost $50 in the last two months in groceries.   And that’s just me getting started!  It took me a while to realize that Harris Teeter doubles coupons up to $.99, which adds up quickly.  Target offers good deals (and coupons mailed to your house), but I’ve discovered that one has to really work and plan to save big $$ with coupons.  Right now, that’s not in the cards for me, but I’m hoping that this summer will give me more time to practice.  Plus, finding creative ways to organize my coupons is going to be fun!

The hubster and I were discussing ways to turn my crafting into income for the fam.  I could become a SU demonstrator, but I’m not sure that that’s where I want to go right now.  I’m still happy selling my stuff at craft shows, and I could always extend my table to include handmade cards.  And there’s always Etsy – rather than spending all my time buying up everything in sight, I could throw my cards on the table (haha, no pun intended!) and try to become a seller.

First things first, though:  I have to finish this semester at school!  I have three papers to go this week and next, and then a final project on May 5 will finish out this year.  I can’t wait!  It’s just time for a break, and I’m in desperate need of time off.  This past year was tough, losing Grandmama and Arwen.  I still haven’t dealt with it, and yes, I know I need to do so.  Maybe this summer will be a time of rebirth.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll even finish the summer with a “bun” in the oven!

Cigarettes:  1
Thtsmee52:  16 and counting!


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