Wrinkles by Amy Rae

Somebody Stop Me!

Posted on: April 14, 2010

Crafting has gotten straight up outta hand!

My OCD is coming out – I am now obsessed with rummaging through thrift stores, yard sales, freecycle (Durham and Orange County), and craigslist.  This is in addition to Amazon and Etsy!

I’ve amassed a TON of fun projects, from cards and stamping to repurposing household items and old furniture.  My last trip to the Habitat for Humanity Restore resulted in a slew of glassware, garden pots and picture frames.  I re-covered the picture frames in gorgeous paper prints picked up at Michael’s with my handy-dandy 40% off (the coupon obsession is another matter altogether!), and some of the glasses are slated for the guest bathroom at the new house – an idea inspired by the new RealSimple Solutions book I picked up at Lowe’s my last time through (last week).

The neodymium magnets I ordered for the magnet crafts I’ve been making arrived today – and boy, are they crazy strong!  The bug and I were playing with the rolls, sending one roll shooting away from the opposing roll.  Fun times.  Do I really need 200 of them?  Of course!

This past weekend, Em and I attended NL’s Stampin’ Up party (think Avon for stamps).  I came home with two cards and an example for party favors I’m going to do for my BFFs baby shower this summer.  I also came home with another bag full of products, including stamps for the “We’ve Mooooved” cards I decided to make!

Somewhere, among all the crafting, I’ve still found time for writing and loving on the fam.  The bug and I spent all day together today, and it was wonderful.  He’s at a terrific age (2) where he can play and I can work on school stuff, and then the two of us can reconvene on the couch for a veg session featuring The Little Mermaid.  The bug likes all the BUB-ulls in the movie.  Although truth be told, when his eyes closed, mine did, too – and I was sorry to wake up!

I *promise* that I’ll post pics later.  It’s time for me to read about classroom discourses – ah, the life of the grad student!


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