Wrinkles by Amy Rae


Posted on: March 22, 2010

In lieu of writing a paper on Bourdieu, I’ve instead chosen to fully devote myself to new art projects. I’ve fallen in love with these magnets, and since they are super easy to make, this will be my newest venture, me thinks. I have given tons of these out as gifts and yet I have none on my own refrigerator! But I found a really great print today, with numbers and letters, that I’m going to make into large magnets for Jack to play with. Super duper! I’m uber-pumped to get the supplies all together.

My other venture is going to be making invitations and decorations for my best friend’s baby shower this summer. I found some really neat banner things online that I’m going to try my best to replicate! Wish me luck! I emailed my super crafty aunt this afternoon for more info on stamping, since she’s a whiz with all of that, so hopefully she’ll have some good pointers for me to follow up on.

Grandma Deb came through this weekend with tons of satin cord to keep my kumihimo projects going. Woot! These are really fun to make, and easy to do in front of the tv while I’m watching big time Law + Order. Love that sh**. So far, I’ve made two bracelets, and I’m going to try to add beads to the next one I make. I figure we can try to sell these at the next craft show. We made out pretty good at the last one, and kumihimo pieces are so different that I can’t imagine they won’t sell.

I’m hoping that this summer will bring me lots of good crafting time. One of my gfs is going to do some custom pillow pieces for our house and for the monster’s room. And I’ve got big plans for the little one’s toy box. Look out, Mod Podge! The spring air has me buzzing, and I can’t wait to start creating!

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